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HCDO FOP is Dedicated to Law Enforcement

The Harris County Deputies’ Organization FOP Lodge 39 is a labor organization that is dedicated to advocating for the law enforcement community in Harris County, Texas. We fight at the State, County, and Department level to improve the working conditions for the brave men and woman of Harris County law enforcement. Become a Member Today


The mission of HCDO FOP 39 is to have “strength through united action, guided by intelligence. To organize all law enforcement officers in Harris County, Texas, who qualify for membership in this organization to secure just compensation for their services and equitable settlement of their grievances. To cultivate friendship and fellowship among its members and to promote an improved method in which we will be able to better secure the peace and dignity of all in Harris County.” It is a mission the HCDO FOP 39 board and the HCDO FOP 39 staff live by and they are all dedicated to the HCDO FOP 39 membership and the law enforcement community.

By being a member, Deputies, Detention Officers, and other County personnel not only help the organization in this endeavor, but members enjoy member only perks such as free representation and counsel by experienced attorneys for legal matters arising out of the course and scope of employment as well as discounts to members on other legal matters. Find out more about being a member.

The Harris County Deputies’ Organization FOP 39 is dedicated to helping and assisting law enforcement personnel and their families. With the Deputies Relief Fund, HCDO FOP 39 helps Harris County law enforcement and their families during their most difficult times, including times of emergency and natural disaster as well as during illnesses and injuries. Find out more about the Deputies Relief Fund and how to make a tax deductible donation to help Harris County Law Enforcement. Deputies Relief Fund, Inc. is a 501c3 organization registered with the IRS.


September 29

NYPD Officer Brian Mulkeen was killed during a struggle with a suspect in the Bronx. 

September 27

HCSO Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal was murdered in the line of duty during a traffic stop.

December 7

HPD Officer Christopher Brewster was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call.

December 10

Nassau Bay, Texas Sgt, Kaila Sullivan was killed when she was run over by the car of a fleeing suspect. 

December 14

Runoff Election Day. Check your local elections for race information.


February 4, 7:00 PM

HCDO-FOP Lodge 39 Monthly Membership Meeting. Location to be announced. 

January 7, 7:00 PM

HCDO-FOP Lodge 39 Monthly Membership Meeting at the FOP Lodge on 45 and Link. 

December 3, 2019

HCDO FOP 39 Monthly meeting to be held at the Lodge.

Stay Tuned

Dates locations will be announced for the HCDO and DA Ogg meeting for HCDO members. It is a great opportunity for all members to learn more about the DA's Office  

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The Deputies Relief Fund is a not for profit 501c3 organization dedicated to the men and woman of Law Enforcement. With donations and corporate sponsorships, Deputies Relief Fund can provide Law Enforcement with the help they deserve. Please, contact or email us to learn more, or donate by clicking on the donate button below.

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