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HCDO PAC Promotes Community Safety

The Harris County Deputies' Organization Political Action Committee (HCDO PAC) and its Legislative Committee is funded through voluntary donations from law enforcement members and the community who wish support law enforcement. We fight for those that dedicate themselves to the safety and protection of their communities. If you would like to donate to the HCDO PAC, please contact our PAC Chairman, Eric Batton.

The HCDO PAC is run by HCDO members who are professional, full time Deputies, Detention Officers, Dispatchers, and Deputy Constables. The mission of the HCDO PAC is to promote and advocate for laws, legislation, and policies that have a purpose of making all Harris County citizens safer, improve the working conditions for the HCDO membership, and are consistent with the goals of the Harris County Deputies' Organization. The HCDO PAC is non-partisan and supports policies, laws, and elected officials that are most consistent with its mission. 

Elected officials control all parts of a Deputy's career from hiring policies through the terms of their retirement, with everything in between. HCDO PAC is committed to fostering a proactive and open relationship with elected officials in order to advocate for employee rights, better working conditions, fair terms of employment, and, most importantly, the safety of the Harris County Community. 

The HCDO PAC works at the local, state, and federal level in the service of law enforcement and HCDO members. Together we can make our communities safer through our shared goals. 



The HCDO PAC will screens local and state candidates for endorsement. Candidates can contact PAC Chairman Eric Batton for questions on the process. Endorsements will be posted here and advertised with the HCDO membership. 

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