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HCDO FOP 39 Member Benefits 

By being a member, Deputies, Detention Officers, Communications Officers, and other law enforcement personnel not only help the organization in this endeavor, but members enjoy member only perks such as free representation and counsel by experienced attorneys for legal matters arising out of the course and scope of employment as well as discounts to members on other legal matters.​


Annual HCDO FOP 39 Scholarship Award 

The HCDO FOP 39 scholarship is an annual award given to members and their families sponsored by the HCDO FOP 39. The Harris County Deputies' Organization FOP 39 has a continued mission to help promote education opportunities for members and their families. The applicant must have been accepted to a college or university and be a member in good standing or have an immediate family member that is a current member in good standing of HCDO FOP 39 to be eligible. The applicant must also complete and turn in the Scholarship application by the yearly deadline which will be posted in the News section of this website as well as being announced to the membership. The deadline can change year to year so please check that your have the deadline for the year you are applying or call our offices with any questions. 

2022 scholarship applications is open and will be due by June 10, 2022. Only completed applications submitted to the HCDO FOP 39 offices, either by mail, hand delivery, or fax, will be considered award. The application can be downloaded here or you can pick up a copy in the HCDO FOP 39 offices. If you have any questions, please contact the HCDO FOP 39 offices. 

Texas FOP additionally is awarding scholarships. These awards are separate and a qualifying member (or their dependent) can receive both if chosen. More information on the Texas FOP state-wide scholarship can be found HERE. Scholarship applications are accepted from March 1 -May 31 (postmark date). Each is a great opportunity for families.

Legal Benefits

HCDO FOP 39 offers robust and comprehensive legal coverage for course and scope incidents for its members. These benefits include:

  • Disciplinary and Appeals including Sheriff Hearings, Civil Service Hearings, Peer Review Hearings (for medical staff), F-5 hearings, Help with Statements, and Appeal letters to Constables. 

  • Civil Liability including representation in State and Federal lawsuits when a member is sued for actions taken on the job and they have been released from coverage by the County. Lawsuits defending employment law violations are not covered.  

  • An Attorney on call 24 hours a day for Emergency Call-out for immediate investigations. 

  • Criminal Liability including incidents involving the Civil Rights Division and criminal investigation, Grand Jury Subpoenas and Hearings (when applicable), and Criminal trials for course and scope incidents.

  • Work Place Safety and Incidents including preparing and filing Grievances to the Department and the County, Workman's Comp claims (legal benefits trigger upon denial of an on the job claim), ADA claims (upon denial of recommended accommodations), and employer compliance with Federal Civil Rights Laws. 

  • FREE WILLS AND LEGAL DOCUMENTS - Every member is entitled to a free will and certain legal documents prepared by an Attorney. Call the HCDO FOP offices for more information.

Secondary Insurance

HCDO FOP 39 is proud to assist members in contacting secondary insurance coverage so that members can have easy access to the security they need for them and their families. Secondary Insurance is available through license brokers and all applications for insurance are done independently from HCDO FOP 39 and HCDO FOP 39 has no power or authority in the acceptance or denial of insurance or insurance claims. Any changes to secondary insurance must be done by and through the insurance company and HCDO FOP 39 has no power to change, reduce, or increase insurance coverage for a member without the member's expressed and signed permission. 

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