HCDO Executive Board has voted to merge with FOP


In the spirit of having one collective voice for the employees of Harris County, the Executive Board of HCDO has unanimously voted to constitutionally affiliate with Harris County FOP Lodge 39. This mutual merger will join the two local groups and this will strengthen all of us under National, State, and local fraternity.

The membership of HCDO must now vote to approve this merger, which the Executive Board wholeheartedly encouraged and endorses. The goal of the Board of HCDO is always to better serve our law enforcement family and move forward with all our shared goals together to make Harris County the premier employer of the Nation. With consolidated representation of Harris County law enforcement with one voice, we will have a larger and stronger presence advocating for better benefits, working conditions, and services for all employees.

The new Constitution and Bylaws that will be implemented with this merger can be accessed at this link. Voting will be done through email. Contact the HCDO Offices if you did not receive an email. Voting is only open for a limited time. 

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