Do You Know the Appropriate Mourning Band Protocol?


The mourning band is very symbolic in law enforcement and should be worn with great respect and under department guidelines. Learn when to wear it while keeping the traditions in wearing the mourning band in high regard.

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"Boots on the Ground" What was that again? Did we misunderstand?


Anyone remember this little cornerstone of a political campaign? In over 6 1/2 years how much have the "Boots on the Ground" increased in reality? What is the actual increase of those who actually pick up calls for service?

Read about it on Page 3 of the August Star.

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Sheriff's Plan to improve Conditions in the Harris County Jail

A Message from your HCDO President
Robert Goerlitz

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Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia, who remains "damn angry" over an inmate left in a cell living in his own waste and filth, unveiled his multi-point plan to improve inmate safety and living conditions. The plan includes the creation of a new jail inspection bureau. 

Read about it in the November 2014 issue of The Star.



"The biggest news currently are the incidents in Dallas with the medical issues facing them recently. II have been in contact with the union leaders in Dallas to find out the problems and how they resolved them or worked through them."

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