SCOTUS and Qualified Immunity - Decision is Huge for Cops

At issue before the Supreme Court of the US is whether the actions of the police shooting at the vehicle as it attempted to escape constituted excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Read the report on Page 8 of the April 2014 Star.

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April 19 - 2nd Annual Shane Bennett Memorial Charity Motorcycle Run


The Bennett Family would like to invite you to the 2nd Annual Shane Bennett Memorial Charity Run. The event will be held April 19th. This event will help raise funds for the Shane Bennett Memorial Scholarship.

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Legal Benefits of Membership in HCDO Give Peace of Mind


Membership in the Harris County Deputies Organization brings you many benefits... help and guidance with legal issues to educational opportunities.

Review our Benefits, give us a call, or simply fill out the Membership Application.

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HCDO Pay Raise Proposal

TCLEOSE Certified Training Starts April 1st

HCDO Thanks Our Supporters


Moving forward on a proposal necessary to the well-being of our members, their families and the community we serve, HCDO presented the Organizations Pay Raise Proposal to the Budget Office and Commissioners at the Mid-Year Budget Review.

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The Harris Co. Sheriff's Academy is offering certifications and training all throughout April. All training is reported to TCLEOSE. See the full listing on page 14 of the April issue of the Star.

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We appreciate those who support the efforts of HCDO through their advertisements in the Harris County Star, and their contribution in many other ways.

We encourage you to support them with your patronage.

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