Deputies Relief   Fund

"These are the times that try men's souls."   ~ Thomas Paine

Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth was fatally shot while on duty Friday night August 28, 2015. HCDO, through the Deputies Relief Fund, is providing help to Deputy Goforth's family. If you would like to reach out a helping hand to this grief-stricken wife and small children, you can donate here. 100% of the funds you donate in his name will go to his family.

For more information on the Deputies Relief fund, see this page.


Get your degree from the University of Alabama's distance education learning program 

The HCDO has partnered with the University of Alabama for the membership to work towards getting their college education.  The degrees offered will be no different than if you were there in person to walk across the stage.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to better yourself.

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How do you know what is going on around you?

Just click on the image about and it will open a page with the reported crime in your area.  


The New Sheriff of Harris County

Since Sheriff Ron Hickman has been sworn in we have been seeing a vast amount of changes in command staff. Each day brings the anticipation of what change will come.  

We look forward to having a good working relationship with a Sheriff for a change for the better.  

A Message from your HCDO President
Robert Goerlitz

This latest legislature was challenging to say the least.  There were several ups and downs with what was proposed and what was actually passed.  For the story of how one law enforcement group states they have the best interest of law enforcement in Texas as well as their members in mind just go back and read past editions of the Star.

HCDO Thanks Our Supporters

We appreciate those who support the efforts of HCDO through their advertisements in the Harris County Star, and their contribution in many other ways.

We encourage you to support them with your patronage.

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