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Harris County Constable's Office

Deputy Constable Frank Scott Claborn     Pct. 4    EOW   2/19/2004    Vehicular Assault

Deputy Constable Michael Ray Eakin III     Pct. 1    EOW   9/29/1998    Gunfire

Captain Jerry Ralph Foster     Pct. 5    EOW   10/22/1993    Struck by Vehicle

Deputy Constable James L. Grayson     Pct. 1    EOW   4/12/1915    Gunfire

Constable W. Emory Hicks     (Pct. not known)    EOW   9/14/1923    Gunfire (Accidental)

Constable Edgar Eugene Isgitt     (Pct. not known)    EOW   6/15/1911    Gunfire

Deputy Constable David Joubert     Pct. 7    EOW   1/13/2008    Motorcycle Accident

Deputy Constable Abrum Kerl     Pct. 3    EOW   1/26/1978    Heart Attack

Deputy Constable Raymond Nieto     Pct. 3    EOW   12/16/1998    Heart Attack

Deputy Constable Jason Norling     Pct. 5    EOW  10/1/2007    Vehicular Assault

Reserve Deputy Constable Nehemiah Pickens     Pct. 6    EOW   7/5/2005    Friendly Fire

Deputy Constable James A. Reed     (Pct. not known)   EOW   9/6/1905   Gunfire

Constable James Singleton     (Pct. not known)    EOW   6/8/1912    Vehicle Pursuit

Deputy Harry Thielepape     Pct. 6   EOW   2/20/2008   Gunfire

Constable John M. Weaver     Pct. 8    EOW   6/19/1929    Gunfire

Lieutenant Albert Charles Wilkins     (Pct. not known)    EOW   1/6/1978    Gunfire

Constable Marvin Alton Winter     Pct. 4    EOW 12/4/1937    Struck by Vehicle

Harris County Sheriff's Office


Deputy Sheriff Jesse Valdez, III      EOW  10/29/14  Vehicular assault

Deputy Sheriff Royce Melvin Anderson     EOW   10/26/1981     Gunfire (Accidental)

Deputy Sheriff Shane Ronald Bennett     EOW   6/12/2002     Gunfire (Accidental)

Deputy Sheriff Richard M. Blackwell     EOW   9/6/1989     Motorcycle Accident

Deputy Sheriff Leo Busby     EOW   9/10/1953     Automobile Accident

Detention Officer Dionico Camacho     EOW   10/23/2009     Heart Attack

Deputy Carl F. Court     EOW   11/30/1895     Gunfire

Detective Harvey M. Davis     EOW   5/21/1996     Heart Attack

Deputy Sheriff Joseph Norman Dennis     EOW    5/22/2001     Gunfire

Jailer Thomas Flores Douglas     EOW    3/10/2004     Heart Attack

Deputy Sheriff Randolph Michael Eng     EOW   12/21/1996     Gunfire

Deputy Sheriff William Clinton Harless     EOW   4/15/1915     Gunfire

Deputy Sheriff Walter H. Harvey     EOW   11/3/1962     Automobile Accident

Deputy Sheriff Keith Alan Fricke     EOW   6/4/1997     Automobile Accident

Deputy Sheriff Albert O. Garza     EOW   7/30/1979     Gunfire

Deputy Sheriff Clark Harold Henry     EOW   7/25/1988     Automobile Accident

Deputy Sheriff Barrett Travis Hill     EOW   12/4/2000     Gunfire

Deputy Sheriff Oscar Clarence Hill IV     EOW   7/22/2000     Vehicular Assault

Detective Tommy Keen     EOW   9/15/2008     Accidental

Deputy Sheriff Donald E. Knowlton     EOW   8/22/1960     Gunfire

Deputy Sheriff Haskell Junior McCoy     EOW   2/2/1987     Automobile Accident

Deputy Sheriff Jimmie H.  McKay, Sr.     EOW   3/22/1974     Gunfire

Detective Rodney Scott Morgan     EOW   2/26/1974     Gunfire

Deputy Sheriff Douglas John Noll     EOW   7/22/1996     Vehicle Pursuit

Deputy Sheriff Reginald Floyd Norwood     EOW   9/3/1985     Vehicle Pursuit

Deputy Sheriff Fred B. Peebles     EOW   9/23/1965     Automobile Accident

Deputy Sheriff John Charles Risley     EOW   10/23/2000     Gunfire

Corporal Jeffrey Scott Sanford     EOW   9/14/1991     Gunfire

Deputy Sheriff Rebecca Ann Shaw     EOW   2/13/1998     Struck by Train

Deputy Sheriff Theron Eldridge Shofner     EOW   7/14/1948     Gunfire

Deputy Sheriff Arthur Taylor     EOW   5/24/1914     Gunfire (Accidental)

Deputy Sheriff Joe Trapolino     EOW   5/23/1936     Gunfire

Reserve Deputy Joe Mason Westbrook     EOW   7/1/1979     Gunfire

Deputy Sheriff James A. Wier     EOW  8/18/1978     Automobile Accident

Deputy Sheriff Edd Williams     EOW   1/12/1974     Gunfire

Deputy William C. Williams, Jr.     EOW   4/16/1930     Gunfire (Accidental)

Deputy Sherrif Eddie Wotipka     EOW   6/10/2010     Drowned

Deputy Sheriff Ricky A. Yates     EOW   1/25/1994     Motorcycle Accident